The Company of St. Michael

The Chivalric Path of the Order of St. Michael

The Company of St. Michael is composed of members of the Order of St. Michael who are exploring the meaning of Christian knighthood in the modern world. It is a spiritual path within the Order.
This exploration encompasses the place of the knight in history, myth and literature, the meaning of the knightly ideas of honor, loyalty, duty and courtesy, and the service of the knight in defending and protecting the right. It also leads to an inner exploration of individual readiness to engage in knightly pursuits and to accept and follow whatever quest the individual is called to.
Our individual expressions of chivalry are as diverse as our personalities. However, we all share a commitment to our individual Quest, to active service of some sort in our community, and to a plan of physical activity, all in addition to the regular vows of the Order regarding daily spiritual practice.
The orientation of the Company is more esoteric and spiritual than many of the modern orders of knighthood. That members have all taken vows to pursue a spiritual life as members of the Order helps to define the special focus on the spiritual aspects of chivalry. The Company is oriented toward the Christian spiritual, and to some degree esoteric, aspects of knighthood.
We have three successive levels of commitment: aspirant, squire, and knight. The Chivalric Path (the Company of St. Michael) is open to members of the Order who have completed at least one year of membership. A formal application must be made and admission is at the discretion of the Coordinator.